The Karried Away Op Shoppe was formally established on the 29th of November 2008 and is

located within the CWA Hall on North Street in Northcliffe. The current building, was offered

to the Northcliffe family & Community Centre, and on the 13th of June 2005, Maja Plante

formally accepted this offer.


From 2005 until 2008 the building was used for a number of purposes including meditation, still

drawing and bellydance amougst other things. In 2008 the shop was transformed into an Op

Shop with the name "The Karried Away Op Shoppe" being applied in August 2011. At present

the shop runs two days a week, and receives customers from all over the South West.


The shop has been lovingly staffed by a large number of volunteers over the years , who have

selflessly donated their time and effort to ensuring the success of the Shop.


In keeping with the strong tradition of looking after our volunteers, all staff who give of

their time after looked after by the Centre through the provision of clothing vouchers,

free high speed internet access as well as tea and coffee while at the centre.


We believe that dedicated volunteers help to form the corner stone of a community, and

encapsulate the ethos of the Northcliffe Family & Community Centre,

where people are our most precious resource.