Attractions at the maze park

Currently there is a maze for the children to run around in, and a beautiful walk trail which winds through the native bushland. The resident's ramble is a section of path on which local residents, both past and present, have had their details recorded on plaques which line the track. There is also a snakes and ladders game which can be played by using the large wheel of numbers.

Walk Trail Maze Park Northcliffe Maze Park Northcliffe

Caravan Friendly Maze Park NorthcliffeSnakes & Ladders Northcliffe Maze Park

Snakes & Ladders Northcliffe Maze Park Caravan Friendly Maze Park Northcliffe

The park is a beautiful spot to stop for a break from the road, stretch your legs, let the kids run around or park the caravan up for a while. Caravans are easily parked in the
large gravel u-shaped driveway directly off Zamia Street.

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