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Elke Paull-Keller

Bowen Therapy
Remidial Massage

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Bowen Therapy: A form of soft tissue work developed by an Australian, Tom Bowen. With the use of cross fibre moves Bowen therapy aims to aid blood and nerve supply by releasing glued connective tissue. The health benefits can be wide ranging from the relief of headaches, back, neck and shoulder pain, as well as joint swelling and menstrual discomfort. The fluids within the connective tissue are redistributed aiding in rehydration of glued muscles and fibres as well as relief of swelling and tension. Adequate hydration prior to and between treatments aides the removal of toxins released from glued Fascia. Bowen Therapy has been proven to be so successful that only a minimal number of treatments are required to correct health issues or identify the need for other types of treatment.

Remidial Massage: Differing forms of massage to sooth and heal the sick has been around since the ancient Greeks and Romans who used massage as the principal means of healing and relieving pain. Most often called Therapeutic or Remedial massage, the technique we know today was developed by Per Hendrik Ling of Sweden in the early 19th century from the techniques used by the Chinese, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans.
Through the systematic manipulation of muscles, tendons and skin  by stroking , kneading and pressing the soft tissues in order to induce a state of deep relaxation which benefits nervous and muscular systems as well as locally aiding circulation.

Reflexology: A therapy form dating back to ancient Egypt around 3000BC, as well as China and India. These cultures had already found the connection between body organs and zones or reflex points on the feet and hands. Over the last 100 years much time has been invested into developing a proven and workable therapy form as we know it today.
Reflexology can help to regenerate and activate energy flow within a person, as well as increasing the awareness of the ground beneath our feet and how we stand upon it. Problem areas within the body may be registered as pain or discolouration in the corresponding reflex point on the feet or hands. By  massaging, circulation in the effected area is improved and the regeneration process can begin.