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Naturopathy: A concept of healing which aims to support the body’s own healing process allowing a complete return to optimum well-being and promoting energy enthusiasm and a vibrant full of life feeling. In looking for the cause of dis-ease rather than focusing on the symptoms, the whole person is considered, their lifestyle, genetic inherited tendencies, environment and beliefs thus treating the physical, mental and emotional aspects. This is holistic care.

Herbalism: The use of the gifts of the earth to assist the body to come back into balance and so stimulate our inherent natural healing force. Herbs empower us to care for ourselves and our loved ones using the wonderful, nutritive and energetic plant kingdom. The diverse plants give us food and medicine and in every culture, on every continent there is a long tradition of plant use for healing, nurturing and living in balance and harmony.

Flower Essences: Have a long recorded history spanning many cultures for resolving specific emotional imbalances. The essence of pure flowers form their natural environment assist us to gently overcome emotional, mental and physical difficulties in our perfect time frame, attain inspiration and wisdom to shift us to the next point of awareness and awaken particular qualities in our soul. Communication between you and the flower essences is assisted by a specific  method where no divulging your deepest fears or secrets to the therapist is required unless desired.

Bowen Therapy: A profound system of body work developed over 60 years ago using gentle, very small soft tissue movements to balance the body, stimulate energy flow and empower the bodies own intelligence to heal. It is safe for all from newborn to the aged, affording relief from pain, weakness and discomfort, bringing the muscles back into balance thus providing more energy and positivity.

Acupuncture: and diet are the building blocks of our physical structure, and simple changes can effect dramatic and powerful changes in our zest for living. Many mental illnesses and behaviour problems are now being recognised as mineral and vitamin deficiencies and can often be addressed with attention to diet and lifestyle.  

Homeopathy: Is a system of medicine that heals by energy. It has a special affinity for mental/ emotional symptoms  which are important in selecting a remedy. It cures and does not require the remedy to be taken for the rest of your life. It works equally well in acute first aid as well as deep seated organic conditions. It is safe to use with conventional medicine, by tiny infants, during pregnancy and thru to the aged. Many people self heal using this system of medicine as the remedies are so safe and have none or very short minor side effects.

Iridology: Is examination of the markings within the iris and sclera of the eye to look at genetic patterns as well as tissue and organ weaknesses. We can the look at, address and support areas of weakness before serious conditions occur or further develop.

Reiki: A relaxing, healing experience of hands on healing using measurable energy flow from the healers hands. The healer creates a state of relaxation and allows for healing however every cell and organ in the body works via energy flow including bio-electrics and magnetic fields- of which the heart has the strongest measured electrical field (i.e. measured in ECG’s) Reiki energy can influence tissue to repair and reduce stress to enhance healing. Reiki energy - besides the potential to heal virtually all illness, also contains unlimited love, joy, peace, compassion, and wisdom. Reiki respects our free will and does not force development on us, but if we seek it and intend it, and use Reiki for this purpose, then certainly, we will be guided into a greater healing experience.