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Feldenkrais: The Feldenkrais Method facilitates learning about movement, posture, and breathing to ultimately increase the ease and range of our movement, improve flexibility and coordination. Through gentle movement lessons, we become more aware of how our habits may restrict our moving through life easily and pleasurably. We learn new easier options for movement.
Who can benefit?

  1. People of all ages, from babies and children through to senior citizens.
  2. People interested in preventing or relieving stiffness, pain or strain.
  3. People whose work may involve repetitive tasks.
  4. People living with difficulties such as Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, injury or learning difficulties.
  5. Dancers, musicians, athletes, or actors with recurrent injury or pain, or simply wishing to improve performance.

Individual Lessons called Functional Integration (FI)
This is a hands-on process which addresses particular individual problems, FI lesssos tailored to each clients needs. The Feldenkrais practitioner guides your movements through precise touch. The client lies or sits, comfortably clothed, on a low padded table. The practitioner brings present habits into focus and offers new movement options. The learning is then applied to everyday activities such as reaching, sitting, standing and walking.

Classes called Awareness Through Movement lessons (ATM)
ATM lesssons are usually taught in groups on a weekly basis. A Feldenkrais practitioner guides the clients through a planned sequence of movement explorations. Attention is drawn to the process of each movement pattern. Through observing their movements, clients learn easier ways of moving in everyday activities. Exploration of movement in these classes is designed to improve overall wellbeing.